Keeping Secure When Shopping Online

Keeping Secure When Shopping Online

Shopping online is easy, it’s convenient, it opens a huge range, and it’s economical. It is also big, big business, valued now in billions of pounds per year, and growing.

Finance of this scale, obviously attracts criminals, not the average pickpocket, snake-oil seller or mugger, but the cybercriminal, whose intent to con, or rob you can be a very high-tech affair.

This doesn’t mean that the process is insecure or scary, it just means that it requires a little common sense and a few simple precautions to keep on the safe side.

The first is just to make sure that your computer, or device, is up to date with the latest anti-malware and Continue reading “Keeping Secure When Shopping Online”

Apprenticeships In England

Apprenticeships in England Today

The rise in the country’s population has led to record numbers of people in various divisions of life. There are more university students than ever before, but the number of starts in apprenticeships has risen, pro rata, even more.

The number of starts has risen, between 2010 and 2015, to almost two and a half million in 2015, and the government has committed to creating an additional three million apprenticeship starts by 2020.

Going to university is not for everybody. The academic way of life does not necessarily sit well on all young people’s shoulders. Some may find that by the time GCSE’s are done, they are tired of the Continue reading “Apprenticeships In England”

The Bricks That Built Britain

The Bricks that Built Britain

The earliest records to show brick making and bricks being used in construction, belong to the ancient civilisations of the world. Mesopotamia, India, and China can show still standing evidence of brickwork from some 10,000 years ago.

In the chilly northern climes of Britain, it was the Roman Empire that introduced kiln fired bricks. The legionnaires who supervised the great roman road projects, used mobile kilns to ensure uniformity, and brick making crossed the country as quickly as the roads were built.

As with many things, when the Romans left Britain, the industry stopped. Buildings were constructed from stone, timber, flint, wattle and daub, and some measure of recycling the hardy roman bricks, but the humble brick didn’t return as Continue reading “The Bricks That Built Britain”

Why Has Google Penalised My Website?

Google Penalised My Site, Why?

There are several reasons why you have been penalised by Google. There are two types of penalties; algorithmic penalties and manually applied penalties.

Algorithmic penalties aren’t actually penalties applied to your website, they are just a part of the algorithm assessment process whereby one or more elements of either your on-page or off-page SEO fails to pass one or more of Google’s quality filters.

Failing an algorithm check may well feel like you are being penalised, but you are not.

How To Check For Google Penalties

The first step, if you don’t rank very well is to check Continue reading “Why Has Google Penalised My Website?”

Cameras That Watch You Drive

Who’s Watching you Drive?

The question could better be phrased, “what’s watching you drive?”, and the answer is many different sleepless automatic eyes indeed.

The now ubiquitous speed camera, (or is it a safety camera?) has become commonplace in the UK. The first yellow boxes to be installed beside our roads was the Gatso make.

This camera is the most widespread throughout the country. It operates by radar, calculating the vehicles speed, and can determine between Continue reading “Cameras That Watch You Drive”